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The chances are over 90% that you are micronutrient insufficient. And the scariest part is that you most likely don't even know what micronutrients are and how to get the right ones. My guests today are certified micronutrients specialists and nutritionists Mira & Jayson Calton (returning guests from eps 33 and 34). In today's episode we specifically discuss their brand new book The Micronutrient Miracle, a game-changer if you are tired of the non-stop fighting about "the perfect diet."

If you just want straight, science-based information with easy to follow steps about how to approach your diet without worrying about sticking to a specific dogma (think "Paleo" or "Vegan") The Micronutrient Miracle is the place for you to start.

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Topics of Conversation:

- Mira and Jayson's quest across all seven continents searching for the common denominator in nutrition across cultures in over 135 countries

- The concept of being a "nutrivore," i.e. becoming micronutrient sufficient, and how to apply it to any healthy dietary philosophy

- The in-fighting between different dietary communities (e.g. Paleo vs Vegan) and how it's irrelevant if you choose the most nutrient-dense foods in that path

- Why micronutrient insufficiency is the most widespread and dangerous health condition of the 21st century (and more importantly...WHY YOU SHOULD BE TERRIFIED)

- Why being micronutrient sufficient isn't a free pass to eat whatever you want (and the science behind it)

- How The Micronutrient Miracle works and how to navigate it

- How you can determine whether or not you are micronutrient insufficient

- How each of the different micronutrient protocols can be used for specific health conditions (e.g. high blood pressure or anxiety)

- Zero Movement Training (ZMT) and how to get all the benefits of exercise without stripping your body of micronutrients

- The "Pantry Purge" and the bulletproof list of foods you should eliminate from your house if your goal is improving your overall health

- How to restock your house after the pantry purge

- The "Triple Threats," super simple recipes for nutrient dense protein drinks with tons of micronutrients and fats, and how to make them in less than 120 seconds

- How to make "Triple Threat" ice cream, cheesecake, etc and how they can give your body everything it needs (yes...dessert can be healthy)

- How to get $200 worth of FREE FOOD just for purchasing their book (for $11)

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This episode was edited by Curtis Fritsch, and the show was executive produced by Kanen Flowers. We are a member of the THAT STUDIO podcast network.

The music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Dorian Cheah from his brilliant album ARA.


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